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Mowing Tips

Aside from watering, fertilizing, aerating and other lawn care chores, there are mowing practices that will help keep your lawn healthy and appealing.

Mow Often
Mow often enough so that you cut off one third or less of your grass height each cutting. Cutting too much of the grass blade off can shock the grass and impairs healthy growth. Small clippings decompose quicker and distributes nutrients back into the soil resulting in a healthier lawn.

Mow High
Many mowers cut better the closer to the ground they are. The vacuum created by the spinning blades lift the grass and cut it off cleanly. The higher you mower the more vacuum is lost. However, your lawn will be healthier the higher you mow because it encourages deeper root growths, combats weed growth and helps to keep the lawn from dying from lack of water.

Keep Blades Sharp
A sharp blade will cut grass smoothly and cleanly. Dull blades tend to tear grass which will turn the edges brown and allow disease to effect your lawn.

Mow in Different Directions Each Time You Mow
If you mow the same way each time you cut your grass the soil will tend to compact. Compacted soil impairs root growth and water penetration.

Mow When the Yard is Dry
Cutting wet grass will seldom result in favorable results. Wet grass tends to cling together and lays in clumps in the yard. Disease is more likely to form in moist clumps of grass. Wet grass will also build up underneath the mower, restricting airflow and reducing the vacuum needed for the mower to lift and cut the grass smoothly.

Mow at Full Throttle
The engine is governed to run only at a certain speed so over-revving the engine is not possible. When run the engine at full throttle you can be sure that the oil pressure system, cooling system and mower are running at a speed fast enough to operate correctly.