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Tips For Safety

The first and most important safety tip is to fully read and understand the manufacturers operator manual for your mower. The following tips are highlights often found in major manufacturers manuals. Your operators manual should be your first source for safe operation.

1. Wear appropriate shoes and clothing.

2. Use eye and hearing protection when operating mowers and trimmers.

3. Clear the area of objects that may come in contact with the mower.

4. Keep family and pets at a safe distance.

5. Pause and let pedestrians pass when mowing near public walks and streets.

6. Do not mow in reverse.

7. Look down and behind you before backing up.

8. Never carry passengers.

9. Do not let the mower run unattended.

10. Do not mow wet grass.

11. Stay alert for holes and other hidden hazards.

12. Stay away from drop-offs.

13. Drive up and down a hill. Do not drive across.

14. Use common sense when mowing on hills. If it looks or feels unsafe, it is unsafe.

15. Most manufacturers

16. Keep all shields in place.

17. Do not attempt to bypass any safety features.

18. Never operate any mower that is not operating properly.

19. Do not operate a mower while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.