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Tips For Storing

The following tips are general ideas to be considered when preparing a mower for winter storage. Your operators manual should be your first source for proper storage preparation. Click here for Preseason Maintenance Checklist.

1. Store the tractor inside whenever possible. Tractors left outside will deteriate faster. Rain, snow and changing temperatures will cause moisture to collect in housings and gear cases and ruin internal parts. Moisture will cause cables and linkages to rust quickly and electrical terminals will corrode faster. Unstable temperatures will cause wiring to weather and become brittle. If outside storage is unavoidable cover the tractor with a tarp or custom made cover.

2. Many of today’s mowers are liquid cooled. Be sure to check the antifreeze.

3. Keep the fuel tank full. A fuel cell that is not full will allow condensation to form inside the tank increasing the possibility of fuel contamination.

4. Do not drain the fuel. Draining the fuel may allow the gaskets to dry out. If gaskets dry out, leaks may develop later.

5. When storing outside remove the battery and store it in a basement or any place that will remain at a constant warm temperature. The battery will last longer and require less charging to bring it back to its full capacity in the spring.

6. Treat the fuel with fuel stabilizer to keep the fuel fresh. Untreated fuel will cause gum and varnish to build up in the carburetor passages when stored for long periods.